Senor Wongs

My sassy little sister text me yesterday and had locked her keys in her car. So after work, I took her home to get her spare key. We’ve been getting Panera for like every work event lately (I was so over it) & with the costs of moving I had been avoiding going out to eat.  My sister had other ideas (thank goodness) so after much debate and a 40 minute car ride she decided on Senor Wongs. I’d been there once before and it was good – kind of like a knock-off Chino Latino.  Sangya ordered the nachos, with mock duck….um, I could NOT stop eating them. Divine! The sour cream, red peppers, beans, cheese, and they had like the real homemade bad-for-your chips. I think the beans and mock duck were marinated in some deliciousness & bacon. YUM! If I ever go there again – that is the one and only thing I will order (plus a glass of wine, because please, it was Monday).


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