Chili = Perfection

Happy Tuesday! Not only did I get a promotion I have a great day at work, I also got into my favorite spin class at the The Firm. Great day am I right. The backstory is essential to know why I cook what I cook: if I work out I eat better. Not working out? Um, fried food galore and probably a handful or 2 of my cadbury mini egg secret stash. So given my new proximity to the gym and watching the funds I’ve been “healthier” by dining at home. At my last job, when I got laid off, I decided to utilize all the free stuff by printing a million recipes (payback)….I know, I’m hardcore. I digress…I keep all my recipes in an Orlando Bloom binder and found one for Turkey Chili Crunch.

I have to also note that I am picky meat eater (insert obvious joke here). I enjoy chicken, fish, turkey, brats (Don’t ask) but NOT other seafood (although I’ve still never tried lobster), duck (too chewy), steak, pork, lamb, etc. So this recipe was 1) healthy 2) cheap 3) warm 4) not beef

Check it out!

I skipped the cilantro, and replaced pinto with kidney beans. I also threw in some leftover pasta because I was out of pasta sauce and need to use it up. One thing – they think the amount of spice is enough. It definitely could have used 1 whole chipotle pepper WITH seeds (hello desi). Topped with greek yogurt? Pretty dang good.


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