La Belle Vie

In an effort to explore my new neighborhood, I had added La Belle Vie to my must try list.  SUCH a cute place – especially a winter hideout. Dim, twinkle lights, and old world style, what’s not to love?  I actually tried it twice in the past two weeks. Just for dessert and drinks because that’s how I roll apparently.  First, the drinks: I am currently obsessed with dirty martinis so I ordered the Night of the Hunter. Vodka, almond-stuffed olives, and salted caramel. Pretty good if you like a stiff drink. The second time I went, we were in celebratory mood for a bestie’s new engagement, so we ordered some bubbly. Love me some bubbly.

Anyways, to get to the most important part: DESSERT. I’ve tried 3 and they were all fantastic.  The Orange Brown Butter Cake with Maple Custard and Apple Jam Ice Cream, Chocolate-Gingerbread with Sweet Potato Pudding and Butterscotch Ice Cream, and Chocolate Custard Torte with Cocoa Almond Cake and Elderberry. Ah-mazing.  The best was the Chocolate Custard Torte, I highly recommend this place for a drink and dessert! The torte was unique but still had that home-y mama just baked a treat for the kids feel.




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