I’m a bad blogger…already. Not only are my photos sub par (I badly need to invest in the iPhone 4S) I COMPLETELY forgot to take a photo of my last Friday nights dining experience at Nami in downtown Minneapolis. At least you know that it was THAT good and I just dove in for a meal of edamame, 2 specialty rolls, and sake.  Kristi and I tried the Oishi roll (pineapple and cilantro? check yes) and the VIP roll (spicy anything and mayo – the only place where mayo is worthwhile…wait, it’s also worthwhile in aioli). SO GOOD.  Tasted fresh, excellent combinations and I couldn’t help to become obsessed with the sake.  Thought, shamefully, we could only down half the bottle and had to cork – that’s the first time I’ve ever corked a bottle! Alas, I was pretty buzzed. I’ll find out the name of the sake and get back to you….oh and don’t worry, we finished the bottle later that week.

I might add that we had trouble picking a good sushi restaurant: I had heard Seven was divine, Kristi’s experience was not the best; Kristi had heard Origami was spectacular, but given my birthday experience there circa 2009 it was less than average. so after a quick text check-in with my sister, we decided on Nami (to quote Sangya: “delicious”).

The only other place in the cities where I love sushi is Crave, and it’s speciality is not sushi! In my 20+ years Ra, in Chicago (shout out to Lindsay’s bachelorette!) was the best sushi I’d ever had.  So happy to have found delicious new sushi place in the cities!  The atmosphere was pleasant and they played some Ritual Union by Little Dragon. The only weird thing was how not busy it was on a Friday night, but I can’t complain.  My favorite thing on Friday nights is to linger over a long meal and some wine…FYI we completed the evening at Belle Vie for dessert (see previous posts.)



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