Cafe Lurcat

My FAV in the cities…thus far. I went there two Sundays ago because they have an amazing date night special – $25/each for your own salad, entree, and dessert! The only flaw is that you have to share the bottle of wine that’s included in the price with your date (probably wise for a Sunday). Anyways, the date night menu is spectacular…okay okay you know I’m picky so there’s another minor flaw: the delicious miso sea bass (ha) is NOT included in the menu. at a whoppin’ $35.00 it might be the most amazing fish I’ve ever had – but alas this post is not about that. I ordered the Apple, Chives and Cheese salad which is probably the best salad I’ve ever had (okay my co-worker once asked me how many times I say that a week…probably at least 2, but it was good I promise) BUT the amazingness is that there is no lettuce/arugula etc in this salad – it is straight up slivers of cheese and apples and it is amazing. For my entree I ordered House Made Udon Noodles with Chinese Barbeque Chicken and Caramelized Orange Sauce. Anything caramelized is delicious and this does not disappoint. and for those meat eaters – my friends said the Pot Roast and Pork Tenderloin does not dissapoint (I can agree on the Pot Roast, I was rebellious and tried a bite…not bad, not bad at all).

Last but not the least the dessert: despite being so full I had to come home and lay down I managed to finish the Triple Chocolate Cream Cake (With a little help from my date) and I was a happy camper. Oh, the last picture is another dessert option: donuts. I’m not a huge fan of donuts in general, but these were enjoyable (and for some reason caused a lot of laughs at the table…apparently I get a little overly excited when eating dessert)

Lurcat is MUST go in the cities…can’t get enough. Sort of helps that I’m a mere 5 minute walk to it. Loves!


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