*Sigh the holidays have come and gone.  Although my family doesn’t celebrate the holiday I do enjoy most aspects of Christmas: food, friends, food, wine, sparkling wine, Love Actually, wine, presents (the thoughtfulness of them, not the materialism) and spending time with family.  I was fortunate to see nearly all of my closest friends this season, to which I am thankful for.  Of course this means I’m behind approx 7 or so posts – with all my besties back in town we all chose to celebrate by spending time together over a meal and several glasses of wine.  Given I injured my back during *cough a “work out” (okay okay it was yoga) I had been careful in my eating considering working out was out of the picture. I gave up on being careful on Christmas Eve and let me tell you it was well worth it.  I read on Pinterest that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, and there are a few things that do not qualify under this phrase. Lambrusco, my new favorite sparkling wine (tastes like juice, seriously) which I discovered on a Monday night at Broders thanks to my lovely friends Sarah and Kim, is one of them.

This place is happening – a 45 minute wait on Monday? Happening.  It’s small, cozy and perfect for winter dinner dates.  We ordered so many things. So. Many. Started with apps:   the baked polenta cup (not as good another Polenta dish which I will post about soon), bruschetta trio, and the roasted garlic. Of the three, the roasted garlic was amazing, but I had had better in Napa (I know, I’m a tough food critic) but nonetheless I need to learn how to bake garlic! Is there much to learn? Probably not, but someday I want to be one of those great Mom’s who can cook amazing dishes with three things in her fridge and no recipe.  The caramelized mushroom with goat cheese bruschetta was definitely tasty – gimme goat cheese and something caramelized and I will be your fan.

For my entree I ordered the ravioli di succa – butternut squash and it was quite tasty! I would highly recommend it. Loved the garlic in the sweet sauce. Sometimes I worry, only 6 pieces of ravioli doesn’t seem enough but I was good to go with enough room for dessert.

Thank goodness Kim and Sarah want to order dessert 100% of the time. This is one of the many reasons why we are friends. One pear-cranberry crostata and tiramisu later I was beyond full and happy.  If you’re only going to order one dessert pick the crostata, you’ll thank me later.

What I would listen to on the way to dinner? Something comforting, yet upbeat such as Fader by Temper Trap.



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