Sopranos Italian Kitchen

Grazi! Prego! Love Italy, and although Italian is not in my fav top 5 cuisines (well, unless bread and wine are a cuisine) it is still delicious.  Kim and I decided to embark on Italiano night #2 (the day after Broders) and visit Sarah at her place of business.  First, the cocktail Sarah had me order was a surprising little treat: the Caravaggio.  A martini with several of my favorite things: limoncello, ginger syrup, and eggs. Yes eggs! I love them! ok, so it was actually egg whites and it was an amazing martini – sweet with a little taste of key lime pie.

I ordered the Pan Seared Wild Salmon and Kim the Lobster Gnocchi, and once again, am so glad I’ve developed a taste for fish. I LOVE Gnochhi, but had never tried lobster. I tried a bit of the dish and it was great – the sauce was creamy and perfect.  The salmon! Oh the harrissa (which is a Tunisian hot chili, used in North African cooking) was perfect with the spinach. Of course the mashed potatoes totally helped this dish and its overall amazingness.

Now comes the best part (no not dessert, soon though): the baked polenta. A side dish, the Sarah required we order grilled with this amazing marinara on top. I LOVE polenta in Italian dishes, and this combo was just fantastic. So fantastic, I made my friend Jenn hit up Sopranos two weeks later so I could order it again!

OK – best dessert to order is the oatmeal raisin gelato sandwich cookies with chocolate something. I don’t know the technical term (Sar help me out) since I can’t find the dessert on the menu you should order this immediately, if you haven’t already.




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