Restaurant Alma

Mmmm food.  As their website states it’s fresh, seasonal and organic.   All-in-all an excellent combo for dinner with kStyle. You know it’s fancy when they’re only open for dinner, so take my word and make a reservation.  We decided that rather than exchange holiday gifts this season, we would spend our hard-earned cash on good eats!  The tricky and amazing part of Alma is that their menu changes every 6-8 weeks, so it’s always a good place to return to.  They also have an excellent option of three-course tasting for $48. Given that dessert is a top priority when I dine out, Kristi and I decided to share multiple dishes and a couple of desserts.

We started with the Rabbit Rillets and the Roasted Beets. I tried Rabbit! I’m growing up! It was more of a Rabbit Pâté – pretty risky for a first time, but with a little bit of yummy mustard (shooting with technical terms here) it was pretty good. The Roasted Beets were fantastic! Such an unexpected mix of flavors – sort of pickled, and a definite must here.

As our second entrée we shared the Squash Ravioli which pretty much put all other ravioli to shame.  Brown Butter? Pepper? Check yes! This might have been my favorite of all the dishes. But wait…

The Wild Striped Bass! SO GOOD.  I love a good Sea Bass (um, Lurcat? Divine) but this was something I’d never experienced: fennel (always a yes), pecans, and citrus broth. A winning combination overall.

To top off an excellent meal and excellent company we shared the Spiked Chocolate Cake and the Creme Brule (I can’t remember the flavor) but regardless, get the Chocolate Cake. It’s hard to find a Chocolate Cake that’s not too dry not to mention with toasted marshmallows. Do it. Love it. 


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