They claim to be the first sake brewery outside of Japan, so of course I was immediately intrigued. The verdict? Go there for the sake and apps, but not from the entrees. This past summer I was on their patio so I suggested when Lindsay was in town to try it for dinner this time. As I overheard Linds saying “it’s good, but I’ve had better.” The sweet potato fries are divine with miso bearnaise and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The pulled spicy chicken with thai chili ain’t too shabby at all. All apps were yummy.  I ordered the drunken noodles and it was marginal. Linds and Dave ordered the pork shoulder a.k.a. abura ramen and I think like not love was the consensus.  I highly recommend the pear sake, especially if you do not like sake (which I rarely do) and plan on a very enjoyable happy hour. Dinner crowd was surprisingly hipster so knowing that this place pulls on all different crowds I felt like I missed something. Is it really good? If yuppies come in for happy hour and hipsters for dinner? Seems there is something for everyone.  Maybe I loved the happy hour I went to last summer due to the warm weather/sun? Regardless of the average food, the company was far above average so overall it was an enjoyable dinner.  Sorry no photos, but I’m sure you can picture some noodles and a glass of sake just fine…I hope.

Happy Sunday!


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