Heidi’s, Minneapolis

ohmygosh this place is delish but IMPOSSIBLE to get a reservation (on a Tuesday nonetheless). I think because it’s small and quaint. Luckily, when my high school friends and I decided to go there for our annual holiday meal, we managed to get 3 seats at the bar. We shared the cheese plate  (love me some cheese) and I really wanted fries with aioli, but no dice.  They have a “bread man” as Sam liked to call him and Angie kept telling him to leave the tray of bread (also love me some bread) but he just smiled like we were joking. Um, seriously. Leave the bread.

I ordered the House Made Tofu – SO flavorful – tart and sweet and crispy and yummy. Sam ordered the Salmon which was fantastic! Hoison BBQ = genius.

For dessert GET THIS: coffee-cream filled donuts. If I’ve said it once I’ll said it again: I am not a fan of donuts. Apparently give me a hint of a fancy donut and I’m on board. The best part was the creamy coffee to dip it in.




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