Ok I’m kind of loving the new song…”Glad You Came” by The Wanted.  Probably because they’re British. I would secretly like to have children with British accents…ok that’s not really a secret.  I love this song though…apparently I’m still 14 years old (boy bands? really? yes, really).  I’m only kind of ashamed but I also love the lyrics where the last word in line is the first word in the last line: “Hand you another drink, drink it if you can, can you spend a little time…” This has nothing to do with food. You’ve probably stopped reading.

Anyways! Birthdays are the perfect excuse to go out of a yummy meal.  In order to celebrate, exploring a new neighborhood deems necessary.  Erte is quiet, dim, and still had 5 Christmas trees up late January.

I’d ordered the veggie burger that past few times I’d been out to eat so I ventured for some chicken (super adventurous) and the key lime for dessert. The chicken breaded and crispy and yum.  The best part? The Old Fashioned I’d ordered – made me totally nostalgic for Madison summer eves at the Fluno. Definitely tasty, but probably not a joint I’d hit over and over again….

Yum! P.S. What the french toast does Erte mean?


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