Remember that episode where Carrie has writers block and write about men and french fries…that’s how I felt about my last post. After a month’s hiatus, I’m still so behind…one of the minor flaws in writing a food blog is that you eat all.the.time. I guess that could be considered a bonus too. Anyways, it was a cold winter night, and we trekked to Gather at the Walker Art Center. A mere 2 minute walk from my front door, which I love.  We ordered the fries (delish), and grilled cheese sandwiches. Each sandwich had a different flavor – jam, bacon, something else I can’t remember. yum.

For entrees we ordered the tuna (my first time with straight up tuna, and it was ah-mazing) I highly recommend.  It had a citrus broth and was so refreshing I can’t even put it in words. We also ordered the fish, which had a greek essence, quinoa and parsley.

Dessert was warm guinness gingerbread cake, caramel apple compote, vanilla ice cream. I highly recommend,  owned by D’Amico, Gather has a different guest chef every month.  Enjoy!


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