Post-barre class Kristi & I frequent Lucia’s for a yummy breakfast. OK maybe not frequent, but we’ve been there twice – and I was not disappointed. Lucia’s menu is simple, but classic. With Quiche, eggs, bacon, and pastries. Basically a breakfast lovers dream. The eggs were classic with a hint of thyme to spice it up. The bacon was crispy and tasted home cooked. The Quiche was light and fluffy, with a blend of Parmesan.  If you’re in the mood for something home cooked and easy, definitely give Lucia’s a try!


Butcher and the Boar

This place might be my new favorite.  Newly opened in 2012 Butcher & Boar is definitely for the meat-lover, but there is something for everyone. This is an overdue post, since I was there last April for kStyle’s birthday and ordered the tequila-cured salmon topped with lime, cilantro and jalapeño – a trifecta of awesomeness, basically. Fresh, spicy and unique I polished off the plate.  With a side of blackened cauliflower that tasted grilled and spiced with pepper and lemon, this meal was fantastic.  To top it off, and satisfy my renewed obsession with, I ordered an Old Fashioned.  More recently, I’ve finally visited their patio and it is definitely in my top 3 patios of the city. Check it out! Thank me later =)

Paula Deen’s Restaurant – The Lady and The Sons. Savannah, GA.

Big ups to Paula, despite turning diabetic (not cool irony, not cool) she’s managed to keep her restaurant a non-diabetic free zone. This is the first installment of Traveling Eats – soooo many yummy places all over the world right? Luckily I’ve been one of those annoying people who takes pics of their food before anyone’s allowed to eat since the early 2000s, so we might have a few throwback eats in the blog soon. Stay tuned.

So let’s see, the fam and I were in Hilton Head and my co-worker had nearly demanded I try Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, GA on the way home back to Minney.  Um, genius.  Like a true Indian Southerner, I ordered the Sweet Tea (divine), Fried Green Tomatoes (helllooooo, LOVE that movie, it was time to understand what these actually were) and the butter cake.  Fried Green Tomatoes are the perfect summer treat, I had 3 and I was a happy little southerner.  In all honesty you couldn’t taste the tomato, but the light breaded crispy exterior and the combination of breading and fresh , tart, green tomato (fried anything is good, right) was spectacular: simple yet genius. The BUTTER CAKE! EAT THIS RIGHT NOW! I need to find a way to replicate this. Or mayhaps I will start a fund for my travels to Georgia. Good gawd this was pretty much the best thing I’d put in my mouth all year (to date, I can’t think of anything better, and that was 3 months ago). Insert inappropriate joke here if you like.  It was moist (ew I hate that word), crumbly, chocolatey annnnd bursting with sweetness that wasn’t overpowering.  I’m going to let you daydream about this food now. Oh, the cheesecake was sugar free and not too shabby (My Dad ordered) I would recommend! annnd I ate the fried green tomatoes too fast to capture on photo, apparently. Sorry about it.  Happy Summer Sunday!


Word. Sons.


Ok I’m kind of loving the new song…”Glad You Came” by The Wanted.  Probably because they’re British. I would secretly like to have children with British accents…ok that’s not really a secret.  I love this song though…apparently I’m still 14 years old (boy bands? really? yes, really).  I’m only kind of ashamed but I also love the lyrics where the last word in line is the first word in the last line: “Hand you another drink, drink it if you can, can you spend a little time…” This has nothing to do with food. You’ve probably stopped reading.

Anyways! Birthdays are the perfect excuse to go out of a yummy meal.  In order to celebrate, exploring a new neighborhood deems necessary.  Erte is quiet, dim, and still had 5 Christmas trees up late January.

I’d ordered the veggie burger that past few times I’d been out to eat so I ventured for some chicken (super adventurous) and the key lime for dessert. The chicken breaded and crispy and yum.  The best part? The Old Fashioned I’d ordered – made me totally nostalgic for Madison summer eves at the Fluno. Definitely tasty, but probably not a joint I’d hit over and over again….

Yum! P.S. What the french toast does Erte mean?

Joe’s Garage

Ugh, I wish I ate red meat sometimes. I don’t know why I just can’t do it. I think the last time I had a burger was at the Nitty Gritty in college (Go Badgers!!) and I remember being sick all the next day.  Anyways, here’s a recap of my experience at Joe’s:

“I actually liked the meat this time, usually it’s the part I like the least”


“I would just get that bun and eat it, eat it, here, right here”

I guess it was the sweet bun, olives and blue cheese. Megan even claimed that we could eat there every time she paid us a visit. That good! I had the Southwestern Veggie Burger (lame I know) but I finished the whole plate. All of it. Including fries.

You like this photo, right? Sometimes the foods so good I don’t have time to snap a shot, but at least the fries still look de-lish.