Butcher and the Boar

This place might be my new favorite.  Newly opened in 2012 Butcher & Boar is definitely for the meat-lover, but there is something for everyone. This is an overdue post, since I was there last April for kStyle’s birthday and ordered the tequila-cured salmon topped with lime, cilantro and jalapeño – a trifecta of awesomeness, basically. Fresh, spicy and unique I polished off the plate.  With a side of blackened cauliflower that tasted grilled and spiced with pepper and lemon, this meal was fantastic.  To top it off, and satisfy my renewed obsession with, I ordered an Old Fashioned.  More recently, I’ve finally visited their patio and it is definitely in my top 3 patios of the city. Check it out! Thank me later =)



Heidi’s, Minneapolis

ohmygosh this place is delish but IMPOSSIBLE to get a reservation (on a Tuesday nonetheless). I think because it’s small and quaint. Luckily, when my high school friends and I decided to go there for our annual holiday meal, we managed to get 3 seats at the bar. We shared the cheese plate  (love me some cheese) and I really wanted fries with aioli, but no dice.  They have a “bread man” as Sam liked to call him and Angie kept telling him to leave the tray of bread (also love me some bread) but he just smiled like we were joking. Um, seriously. Leave the bread.

I ordered the House Made Tofu – SO flavorful – tart and sweet and crispy and yummy. Sam ordered the Salmon which was fantastic! Hoison BBQ = genius.

For dessert GET THIS: coffee-cream filled donuts. If I’ve said it once I’ll said it again: I am not a fan of donuts. Apparently give me a hint of a fancy donut and I’m on board. The best part was the creamy coffee to dip it in.



Cafe Lurcat

My FAV in the cities…thus far. I went there two Sundays ago because they have an amazing date night special – $25/each for your own salad, entree, and dessert! The only flaw is that you have to share the bottle of wine that’s included in the price with your date (probably wise for a Sunday). Anyways, the date night menu is spectacular…okay okay you know I’m picky so there’s another minor flaw: the delicious miso sea bass (ha) is NOT included in the menu. at a whoppin’ $35.00 it might be the most amazing fish I’ve ever had – but alas this post is not about that. I ordered the Apple, Chives and Cheese salad which is probably the best salad I’ve ever had (okay my co-worker once asked me how many times I say that a week…probably at least 2, but it was good I promise) BUT the amazingness is that there is no lettuce/arugula etc in this salad – it is straight up slivers of cheese and apples and it is amazing. For my entree I ordered House Made Udon Noodles with Chinese Barbeque Chicken and Caramelized Orange Sauce. Anything caramelized is delicious and this does not disappoint. and for those meat eaters – my friends said the Pot Roast and Pork Tenderloin does not dissapoint (I can agree on the Pot Roast, I was rebellious and tried a bite…not bad, not bad at all).

Last but not the least the dessert: despite being so full I had to come home and lay down I managed to finish the Triple Chocolate Cream Cake (With a little help from my date) and I was a happy camper. Oh, the last picture is another dessert option: donuts. I’m not a huge fan of donuts in general, but these were enjoyable (and for some reason caused a lot of laughs at the table…apparently I get a little overly excited when eating dessert)

Lurcat is MUST go in the cities…can’t get enough. Sort of helps that I’m a mere 5 minute walk to it. Loves!


La Belle Vie

In an effort to explore my new neighborhood, I had added La Belle Vie to my must try list.  SUCH a cute place – especially a winter hideout. Dim, twinkle lights, and old world style, what’s not to love?  I actually tried it twice in the past two weeks. Just for dessert and drinks because that’s how I roll apparently.  First, the drinks: I am currently obsessed with dirty martinis so I ordered the Night of the Hunter. Vodka, almond-stuffed olives, and salted caramel. Pretty good if you like a stiff drink. The second time I went, we were in celebratory mood for a bestie’s new engagement, so we ordered some bubbly. Love me some bubbly.

Anyways, to get to the most important part: DESSERT. I’ve tried 3 and they were all fantastic.  The Orange Brown Butter Cake with Maple Custard and Apple Jam Ice Cream, Chocolate-Gingerbread with Sweet Potato Pudding and Butterscotch Ice Cream, and Chocolate Custard Torte with Cocoa Almond Cake and Elderberry. Ah-mazing.  The best was the Chocolate Custard Torte, I highly recommend this place for a drink and dessert! The torte was unique but still had that home-y mama just baked a treat for the kids feel.