Sea Salt

It’s that time of year again – I’m so nostalgic for the beginning of the school year, the weather, the new clothes & nerdy supplies but boooo I’m grown now and I have to work. I also struggle with my intense love of summer heat and being outside versus the coziness of boots, sweaters, Badger football, and hot meals that is fall. I’ve had grilled cheese and tomato soup 3 times this week, and it’s only been 60 degrees…

Sea Salt is a Minnesota summer classic. I SO wish this was open year round, but clearly the appeal is that it’s a summer joint. I always, always, always order the fried fish tacos. I’ve tried the regular fish tacos, and the fried just kills it – no fishy smelling fish, fresh cilantro, diced onions and lime over the top gives a mix of flavors so similar to traditional Mexican food it’s hard to find anywhere else, let alone in Minnesota. Pro tip: go post-rainfall to enjoy Minnehaha falls, bike there if you can, be prepared to wait an hour or more on a beautiful day, annnd don’t forget to save room for the best ice cream in town: Sebastian Joe’s.  I recommend (per my dear friend Liz’s suggestion) Raspberry Chocolate Chip or the Nicollet Pot Hole – I’m not kidding when I say it’s the best ice cream in town.

Luckily, Sea Salt stays open through October, and rumor has it the lines are non-existent this time of year.