Paula Deen’s Restaurant – The Lady and The Sons. Savannah, GA.

Big ups to Paula, despite turning diabetic (not cool irony, not cool) she’s managed to keep her restaurant a non-diabetic free zone. This is the first installment of Traveling Eats – soooo many yummy places all over the world right? Luckily I’ve been one of those annoying people who takes pics of their food before anyone’s allowed to eat since the early 2000s, so we might have a few throwback eats in the blog soon. Stay tuned.

So let’s see, the fam and I were in Hilton Head and my co-worker had nearly demanded I try Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, GA on the way home back to Minney.  Um, genius.  Like a true Indian Southerner, I ordered the Sweet Tea (divine), Fried Green Tomatoes (helllooooo, LOVE that movie, it was time to understand what these actually were) and the butter cake.  Fried Green Tomatoes are the perfect summer treat, I had 3 and I was a happy little southerner.  In all honesty you couldn’t taste the tomato, but the light breaded crispy exterior and the combination of breading and fresh , tart, green tomato (fried anything is good, right) was spectacular: simple yet genius. The BUTTER CAKE! EAT THIS RIGHT NOW! I need to find a way to replicate this. Or mayhaps I will start a fund for my travels to Georgia. Good gawd this was pretty much the best thing I’d put in my mouth all year (to date, I can’t think of anything better, and that was 3 months ago). Insert inappropriate joke here if you like.  It was moist (ew I hate that word), crumbly, chocolatey annnnd bursting with sweetness that wasn’t overpowering.  I’m going to let you daydream about this food now. Oh, the cheesecake was sugar free and not too shabby (My Dad ordered) I would recommend! annnd I ate the fried green tomatoes too fast to capture on photo, apparently. Sorry about it.  Happy Summer Sunday!


Word. Sons.